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Fashion + Beauty

At Dumas83, we understand that selling products in the fashion and beauty industries demands meticulous planning, patience, and insight. It's about sourcing the right products for your target audience, cultivating desire, crafting compelling messages, and timing your launch for maximum impact.

With 18 years of marketing expertise and four years of retail experience, we specialize in developing award-winning sales strategies that drive results. Our tailored approach increases brand awareness, boosts revenue, enhances social media engagement, and fosters repeat purchases.

In the fashion and beauty sectors, our strategies have delivered outstanding outcomes:

  • Doubled revenues

  • Increased social media following by over 62%

  • Quadrupled email marketing sign-ups

  • Forged strategic partnerships with influential industry figures, reaching thousands

  • Crafted clear messaging that highlights value propositions

Ready to elevate your fashion or beauty business to new heights? Contact the seasoned experts at Dumas83 to craft and implement a robust marketing strategy that not only showcases your products but also boosts your revenue streams.

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