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The Best Way to Reach a Customer

Updated: Mar 6

When we think about marketing and reaching your customer, it could be easy to ask, “What’s the best way to reach my customer?”. 

The problem is that there’s not a one size fit all solution for reaching your customer. Oftentimes, small business owners think that social media is a one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s not. Not all people are on social media, and depending on which age group you’re trying to reach, there are specific platforms that you should leverage as part of your marketing campaign. 

The best way to reach your customer is by marketing to them where they most consume media (e.g., TV, radio, connected TV, social media, magazines, industry publications, etc.). Sadly, in the Internet-age era, business owners have primarily relied on social media to grow their businesses. 

  • Did you know that 67% of baby boomers watch YouTube?! I found out during an anecdotal conversation with my sister’s father in law that boomer’s watch YouTube, and then when I did some research there was the statistic. 

  • Did you know that 78 percent of local searches about HVAC companies on mobile devices lead to a purchase within 24 hours?! When I worked for an HVAC contractor, I found this statistic. (Sadly, a lot of small HVAC contractors don’t have a digital footprint, and it’s hurting their growth opportunities.) 

Now back to social media. I get it, it’s a low cost way to promote one’s business, but there’s also press releases. To some, it’s an antiquated marketing channel, but there are some people that have strong relationships with the press and could get your story covered. While I don’t have the strongest relationship with the media, it was through a press release that I was able to get a client booked on Roland Martin’s Unfiltered program.

Another error that small business owners make is that they post once about a subject in one place and think that’s sufficient. It’s not.  You have to create and implement multi-tiered marketing campaigns that reach your customers in multiple places at multiple times. 

We have to throw out the preconceived notions and ideas that we have about reaching our customers, and periodically conduct new research so see what new information is available. Marketing is an ever-evolving industry, while some things remain true. It’s up to us to stay up on the trends, and identify the best ways to reach customers and build strong relationships with them.

If you’re struggling to reach your customer, then contact Dumas83. We’ll develop a multi-layered marketing campaign that will increase conversions via increased brand awareness.

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